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Unleash Your Tech Business's Potential

Reach out to HEX720 today and unlock the power of our boutique investment and advisory services to propel your tech business to new heights.


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HEX720 Inspiring Growth 

Founded by Peter Ward, HEX720 enables founders to focus on innovation and growing inspirational businesses.

HEX720 Empowering Founders

HEX720 spans diverse tech-linked verticals, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering drive for innovation.

HEX720 Driving Innovation 

Hex720 helps technology sectors extract value from their innovative businesses.

How We Started

HEX720 was founded in 2016 by Peter Ward, a proud Queenslander born and raised in Brisbane.

From humble beginnings, Peter grew WARDY IT Solutions to be recognized as Australia’s leader in the Microsoft Data Estate. Through his deep understanding of how to unlock value, WARDY IT Solutions was listed in the Deloitte Australia Technology Fast 50, named as one of the coolest companies in Australia, and achieved numerous other awards, including the Worldwide Partner of the Year award from Microsoft.

How HEX720 Started

The HEX720 Journey

After winning numerous industry awards and being recognised on the world stage WARDY IT Solutions was acquired by MOQ Limited in 2019. Peter has been a finalist for the Pearcey Award for entrepreneurial ICT achievement and contribution and named the Australian Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018. Peter is a regular guest lecturer at QUT and has been an AIIA board member and is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation.

Peter is married and the proud father of two beautiful daughters. He is a keen cook and wine consumer and enjoys the opportunity that the Brisbane lifestyle provides on his boat or in the four-wheel drive.

The HEX720 Journey